Marcos Montes takes office as new Minister of Agriculture

This Thursday, March 31, Marcos Montes took over from Tereza Cristina at the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa).

The former mayor of Uberaba, Marcos Montes, will be the new minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa). The information was confirmed by the politician’s direct advisor to TV Integração. The handover ceremony will take place on Thursday (31), at 3 pm, at Mapa’s headquarters. The current president, Tereza Cristina, will leave the portfolio to try for a seat in the Senate for Mato Grosso do Sul, in the next elections.

Montes is currently number 2 on the map as executive secretary. He took office at the beginning of the term of Jair Bolsonaro (PL), in January 2019.

Former president of the Parliamentary Agricultural Front – which represents ruralists in the National Congress –, in the October 2018 elections, Montes gave up his attempt to be re-elected to the Chamber to run for vice-governor of Minas on the ticket headed by Senator Antonio Anastasia. (PSDB). With the defeat, Marcos Montes was left without a mandate.